my life, my love and my happiness?
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2003-02-07 16:32:06 (UTC)


TIME:11:05AM [yesterday]
ok yesteday we had like a million guest speakers and it
was kinda shitty. first block i was sitting there doing my
drawing thing and all of the seniors got called down to the
aditorium for some college thing. it was so boring. they
came here last yr and talked about the same exact things. i
was so pissed i was missing art for it...... but by the
time i realized what it was for..... i was all ready
sitting down and you couldnt leave. and then i went to
photography and we had some guy that came from hallmark
college of photography. he showed us this power point
presentation and it was fucking awsome. it had a bunch of
pics that the students at the collegs had done and he had
this bad ass sound system hooked up to his computer. then
he passed around a bunch of matted pics and we looked and
talked about them for a while. then he broke out the
camera. he asked us all to take a pic of something in the
room.ok so this camera is like a $3,00 camera and he wasts
us to use it..... the thing weighed like 5 pounds i was
like oh my god i am gonna break this thing then i am gonna
really be fucked over. so yeah we all took our pics and
then we gave them to him and he is going to put them in a
contest to see if any of us can get a scollership to his
college. then i went to lunch and hahah checha told me that
matt tryed to sell he a bag of oregino. that is to funny.
and she was like why are the so fucking retarted and i was
like they just do it to see if they can get money and b/c
they think it is funny. so yeah lunch was amusing.then i n
ceramice i finished painting my figurine box and yeah. the
bus ride home was well..... yeah.... im gonna punch you in
the face!!!!! lol.... then when i got home i had to pack
for the weekend. i am gonna be at marias untill prolly
sunday afternoon. we got a buisy weekend ahead of us. ok so
tonight we got marias is going to be so much fun
i can not wate. wasted we are getting wasted that is all i
have to say. haha!!! then on sat we have shell and beans
compition at hudson valley and the valintines dance that
night. wasted once again. justin is having a party but i
dont know aht the deal is.... i think we are going but i am
not sure. what ever it dosent really mater to me. and then
on sunday i think maria has to work so i will prolly be
going home around 12 or somehting like that. i need sleep
so bad and i am not going to get any this weekend. then i
gotta get up mad early on monday and go to school so i
can.... i can tell it is a secret! haha you cant know:)~

so yeah i can not wate for tonight everyone is so excited.
wohoooooo . i am in study ahll right now. i always forget
to go and see my teacher b/f i come to the library though
and she is a bitch i hope she dosent write me up. i am
leaving for colorado in a week i am sooooo happy. i miss my
sister so much it ist even kewl. omg! it was so shitty
this morning i was getting ready at marias and i lost my
contact. i cant see a thing. i came in and i was at the
locker for a while and i guess jay was standing there and i
didnt even see him... he was like yo! and i looked over. i
was so funny. then in math class i could not see the board
and i was like freaking out. i actually learned something
today....isnt that amasing! and last night liz put my hair
in all of these little pony tails all over my head it looks
bad ass. every one ..... well like 3 or 4 ppl said i look
like the guy from korn ..... i dont know weather to take
that as a compliment or not. oh well haha i think it is
funny. like every thing else in my life. you just gotta
laugh it all of and things well.... nevermind.... they
never go away. ok im out i gotta go and see my study hall
teacher so i dont get detention or nothing. later skaters
listing to:mrs yezzy teach some class about books!

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