lindsay ann

somewhere in between
2003-02-07 15:55:10 (UTC)

up all night

song titles are good. that's a good song. unwritten law.

i haven't written for a while but life's going swell. i
worked yesterday for almost 3 hours, and hopefully i'll be
doing more of that this month. i decided not to do the
tutoring thing i was gonna do cuz i would have been waaay
too stressed, plus it pays the same as working for my dad
so yeah. bleh.

i'm excited for this weekend, but hopefully i can hit the
hay real early tonight cuz i have to wake up early (9 am)
on saturday and then sundays, i never sleep we'll
see how that goes.

i also got a new number's the same, but i have
to put in everyone else's all over again, so that'll be
fun. maybe.

my wisdom teeth are all in. i only have three anyway, and
i suddenly noticed that they've all popped in. yippee.
i'm finally a big girl.

mr. sexauer is giving me weird looks...that's cool.