The Sexy Blonde
2001-09-21 23:09:44 (UTC)

Friday 9-21-01

Hey Readers,

Thanx Lauren , for the feedback, your so kind, Hoep
everything goes well for you in the future.

Okay my day was okay. My mom let me drive her car to
school today, except she was in it. She didn't go to work
today, so she needed her car.

1st period was english and today was liek a free day so I
brought my c.d. player and listened to my c.d. Joe. 2nd
period was spanish, and I didn't do much except the daily
work. 3rd was geography, free day until the end. We got to
loud and had to do book work. 4th gym, turned in binder,
copied down stuff from over-head-projector. 5th IPC,
teacher didn't let me do work, made me run errands for his
dumbass. 6th computer, turned in my homework, and he said I
did it all wrong and made corrections on my papers telling
me that, I was upset.

Then along came 7th period. I had drank a lot of
icetea and minute maid orange juice all day. In 7th period
I finished my work in 10 minutes and I asked to go to the
math room, and his cow-hopping-arabian-speakin-no-good-
talking-ass told me "No" I repeatedly asked him to go. I
asked him if he would like to to urinate all over the
carpet and he said no. I repeatedly asked a few more times
and he kicked me out of class along with 2 other girls and
4 other boys, making a total of 7 people, kicked out in the
hallway. We walked up and down the hall way until the
principal noticed we weren't in class and she brought us
back to the class and lectured the teacher about not giving
us passes to go to the bathroom. I didn't feel the least
bit bad. He deserved it. And let me tell ya something,
peeing made me feel like I was 10 pounds lighter.

Other wise I got into the school parking lot looking
for a ride and I got a ride form my friend Randy and his
brother. I rode in this tiny ass car, a 4 seater. Okay can
you guess how many there were of us inside of the vehicle?

7 . Me being the only girl. 4 boys in the back seat
and me and another guy sitting side by side squished into
the right front passenger seat, and the driver. I it was
cramped and packe, with all the back-packs full of shit
too. Damn.

When I got home I talked to my mother, about school
and about how many of us were in the car. Then my mother
and I ate dinner, and watched some television. Then I
called my boyfriend to ask him what time he was coming to
get me, and what time I should start getting ready.

I sleep over at my boyfriend's house every weekend.
I get there Friday night, were up until 10:00p.m. or
11:00p.m. then we go to bed, I wake up to him leaving to go
to work, he comes hoe ranging from 5:00p.m. to 10:30p.m. so
I keep myself busy on his computer at his house, or
reading, or television or something. I don't ususally get
bored unless everyone is asleep. I like to sleep at his
house , because of the cold cold air condition.

Last night my mom, cript my hair, all of it, and it
looked to beautiful but I had to go to sleep and it kind of
wore out but looked good. Well I was called anything from "
Barbie, Orbi, a Mermaid, to Fuzzy ball. A lot fo girls
thought my hair was gorgious. Because it is. " Sorry all I
am not trying to sound conseided(mispelled)," Well I go to
go but I will try hard to write a lot more.

Love ya readers, I need to go update my other diaries.
Well got to go!