2001-09-21 23:09:07 (UTC)

September 21, 2001

Dear Diary,
This my first and most important entry. The only reason I
started this diary is because Mrs. Gould (the counselor)
told me that if I kept a diary it would help me to feel
better. I go to her because I'm having troble making
friends at this school. She asked me all kinds of questions
like do I have any broters or sisters, did I have alot of
friends at my old school, what type of person I was at my
old school and lots of other stuff. She also told me to
come back on Tuesday. She said she would let me do a fun
lunch some time. A fun lunch is where you and a few other
student to eat lunch with her and talk and if you get done
early you get to play games. That sounded fun to me! I
can't believe I started crying in her office!!!!!!!!!!
Well, read my next entry!