-*My Lil Life*-
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2003-02-07 14:29:51 (UTC)

Feb 7

school was cancelled. SNOW DAY, and I hate it. I was goin
to go get my guitar today after school because we had a
half day but now with a foot of snow out there my mom won't
drive ANYWHERE! I realli want it to melt so I can go get a
guitar. The only upside to all this snow is I got to sleep
till 9:00! That's real late for me considering that I have
to get up at 6:00 for school. I was looking at others
diaries thinking about them and how weird their lives are
and thought mine is realli boring. Except when something
good happenes between me and my friends. Our biggest
problem now is Dan. Dan who broke up with Erica after a
year. Erica is real upset but covers it up with everythings
cool now (I just know it's not), and of course with the
small selection of nice looking or decent guys we have Dan
is on top so can probably pick up a girl by next week. He
already came out with that he likes Julie. I like Dan but
dont take rejection well and was already rejected once
before by him. I usually tell Kate everything about me and
the guys I like but recently I've just been making up the
guys I like so she will have something to hold on to. She
right now thinks I like Kev because I didn't want to tell
her I really like Dan. It would be a problem.

*Kiss Me*

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