.:::RaMbLiNgS oF InSaNiTy:::.
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2001-09-21 22:56:08 (UTC)


I plummet downwards through the dark,
No one’s around to hear my screams.
Hands and knees, I’m on the ground.
My bloody legs defy my dreams.
I turn around to see a dog
Growling. Green eyes stare at me.
I turn around. I’m running blind.
Away from light. I start to see
I’m losing blood. The dog is close.
It smells my fear, it steals my breath.
Tearing at my clothes. It screams
It cracks the darkness. Nothing’s left.
And suddenly I hear it yelp. I turn around
In time to see the rats consume it’s boiling blood.
Small red eyes glare back at me.
I stumble backwards in a daze.
I fall into a river’s rage,
Thrown into rocks, I start to drown.
And suddenly I’m in a maze.
Surrounded by the high green walls,
I start to walk, begin to cry.
The plants around me burn to black.
The maze walls melt and quickly die.
I’m left upon a rocky plain,
Battered by the desert heat.
A little girl stands all alone.
The jagged rocks tear up my feet.
She points a finger up at me.
Her eyes turn red. She starts to scream.
I wake up in a hot cold sweat.
I simply had another dream.
Now I sit here in a room.
My eyes are blind. I just see white.
Where am I? What time is it?
Is it day or is it night?
My arms are strapped across my chest,
Must stay awake, avoid downfalls.
I rock back and forth devoid of rest.
Can’t get beyond these padded walls.