crackheads thoughts
2003-02-07 14:08:03 (UTC)


hello people...i thought that i should update's
been a long week for some reason. we like dressed up and
everthing for school it waz really dumb.

this morning they say that we're one hour late.....then
they say two hours.....and now we're not even going to
school today.....RAHHH!!!! STUPID METCALFE!!! i really
wanted to go to school today .....but forget that.

we have a game tomorrow night and then after that we have a
dance.....i hope i get to go to both...but i dunno. tuesday
night's game waz great....but it didnt last long enough for

i am sooooo confused right now....i just wanna cry and stay
in this school year for the rest of my life!!! but i know
that, that cant happen. i got to thinking last night bout
graduation....and everything and everbody.....i wish i waz
at school right now.

Well, I am off