2001-09-21 22:47:53 (UTC)

I feel so bad!!

Well yesterday was relly confusing. I pretty much ditched
Kalua to go smoke weed with Kalyn and Scott and it was
really fucked up and he was mad cuz he thinks there is
something going on with Scott but there isn't. So he was
mad at me all day and I remembered that when I was high I
promised Kalyn that I would go to her house after school
today and smoke weed and then I thought, oh maybe they will
forget and then I saw Scott while I was in Kalua's car and
he gave me the dirtiest meanest most pissed off look and I
didn't know what to do and they looked so MAD! I want to
call but I don't want to get bitched at. Kalua would've
killed me! Shit, I don't know what to do....