Angelically marvellous memories
2003-02-07 11:21:53 (UTC)

Through A Glass Darkly

2003-02-07 - 6:29 p.m.

Finally I have finished reading the book "Through A Glass
Darkly", Its a really good book. The story is just too
beautiful to describe, however the ending is really sad
that I just cannot control myself in shedding a tear for
it... It really brings comfort to people who have faced
the experience of loss.

"I agree that I look beautiful when I'm asleep.’ she

…He said, 'You look like a splendid butterfly that has
flown from the hand of God.'

She looked at the room. A narrow strip of morning sun
fallen on the writing desk and the floor. Under Cecilia's
bed a few rays hand found there was to the Chinese
notebook. She saw how all the silken threads shone and

Jostein Gaarder's, the author of Sophie's world, books are
really interesting and full of wisdom. He approaches death
and bereavement with that humorous, enquiring, wise and
compassionate spirit that informs all his work. I gonna
start another book written by this author. That’s surely
will be another interesting book. However, Sophie’s World
is still not yet finished, with 2/3 of the book not yet
read… haha