Angelically marvellous memories
2003-02-07 11:20:11 (UTC)

True friends and sister's birthday

2003-02-06 - 5:47 p.m.

Thanks my angel ariel, thanks for accompanying me when I
am down, thanks for listening to me and analyze for me
even I know that you must be really busy at the study
room… U know, I really want to call someone immediately
after hearing that terrible news and you are the one who I
can think of and thanks to God that there are some people
who understand my situation… U have helped me to calm down
my furious… however its still heart brokening… as promises
won’t come easy and it do means a lot to me and those
words are too nasty to hear… but I do think I shouldn’t
ruin other’s reputation, before I get to know the truth,
the real truth,… but its just that the news sounds too

At night I went to have dinner with another frd, V8,
someone that would also understand and listen to me…

The meeting at night is really great ;> The restaurant u
recommended is really delicious!!! I gotta bring mummy to
try it next time. I must say thousands thanks to you, even
u may be right that you are asking me out (dim ngo to come
out) without proper reason? But u really lit me up
somehow, as u always did and thanks for giving me a chance
to express my anger… and thanks for sharing with me your
point of view as I know you seldom tell people your
feeling ma (haha so are what you telling me truly from
your heart?) I think you are smart in that.

Another thanks to you is to thank you for giving me the
idea for my sister’s birthday present and accompanying me
to buy it even though I know u must be in a hurry ;>
Thanks a thousand time to you!!! U are so nice to me. My
sister love the silver ring very much and haha its really
better to write “ZOE 2003” instead of “Happy Birthday”
inside the ring. Haha u really got the sense in buying
present. I am really happy to make a friend like u, that’s
truly form my heart and I just hope that I could help u
more. God bless u on your study, I know you could do well.

I hurried home to have birthday cake with my sister. I
took a lot of great photos for her on her birthday and I
just found out that she is really pretty!!! Its really
good that I could give her the present on her birthday!
The cake is tasty, however, I ahve been having dessert for
two nights already....