Angelically marvellous memories
2003-02-07 11:18:18 (UTC)

Sad memories and broken heart

2003-02-06 - 5:39 p.m.

I think this time I deserve the right to be angry and it
worth me to shed tears.... if this is true...

I have cried for the whole afternoon as I have been seeing
u as a really reliable frd.

Its horrid not to believe the person you're talking to, so
should I believe u? Maybe I am just too simple in
thinking. This time I am really heart broken, totally
heart broken, no matter whether this true or not. I did
cry for a reason , a reason that worth crying. This time,
the glass is polished clean, I did catch a glimpse of what
is on the other side of the dark glass. Sometimes, we
gotta pay a price for seeing much more, as I no longer see

Its good that God let me know something, yes, every tiny
part on earth is part of His creation. The messenger had
let the truth be shown.

I am somehow really too pure in thoughts and u are right,
it is a lesson for me to learn.

I must say, till this very moment, I am still keeping the
secret as what I have promised. Not to a single person...
but now...

I think why I am crying that much is becoz I really really
dun want this fact to be true. Hearing such nasty fact
really make me out of control. I am extremely furious at
the very beginning, But one has been such a close frd that
I didn't hide anything infront of one.

In my soul, I am somehow angry about that, but at the same
time, one has been such a nice frd to me that I really
don't want to be angry. I cried again, all becoz u really
have been important to me. I am fooled again, all becoz I
trust ppl without judging? Is all this true?

I really want to have a shoulder to lie on... to hold to...

even its a page of sorrow, but still its a page of
memory... U may think thats sth not important at all, but
it did means a lot to me...