Angelically marvellous memories
2003-02-07 11:16:45 (UTC)

HK laser show

2003-02-05 - 5:39 p.m.

Today I went to school for drama practice. It seems that
the role I play really need much courage… I would try my
best to add bonus to the play ;>

I have lunch with Elaine and Sam, its long that we haven’t
had lunch together… haha I ate much faster this time.

Then I went to have the Oral practice with Bosco, Zip Zip
and Faith. O my God, I was late again!!! Really sorry…

I just hope that no nasty rumor will spread becoz of that,
even I won’t mind what will be say about this, as I
believe that as long as I know what I am doing, it would
be fine. However, rumor often worsen people’s relationship
and I have experienced one recently, I really dun want the
same thing to happen again…

The Oral practice was really good, even its somehow very
funny, I just cannot control myself to burst into laughter
haha but I dun mean to laugh at you… Its really nice of
Zip Zip to accompany me to the tram stop and told me the
way, as I am somehow sor ha sor ha, that I am lack of
direction sense which often make me lost hahaha

Then I went to Tsim Sha Tsui to join Sam to hang around
and later Rachael joined us to have dinner together, the
restaurant is really good, however the service attitude of
the waiter is really bad, I dunno why but poor attitude is
something I cannot stand most, thus whenever I met people
with poor attitude, I will be really angry and would like
to give that person some punishment haha

Later on, we joined Henry and Elaine for the laser show in
Tsim Sha Tsui Culture Centre. The show is quite good and I
do think the idea is great. The person who make such idea
should be praised ;> the atmosphere of Tsim Sha Tsui that
night is really warm and beautiful, maybe too beautiful to
be describe. Those light rays really lit up Tsim Sha Tsui
in a colourful way. Its really a kind of regret that I
didn’t bring my camera… Thanks a thousand times for
lending me your coat, actually I seldom take boys’ coat as
I think if I am cold, boys would feel cold too, but this
time I am just feeling too cold that I gonna faint
anytime… so I take yours’ ;> anyway thanks my dear cousin
for your manly act haha

The tiramisu I tried tonight is really delicious!!!!!!!
Its really bad that Racheal and Elaine are sick that they
cannot taste how great the tiramisu is when they tried
mine’s… Take care friends ;> when I am nearly recover, u
all got sick… so bad… I would pray for you guys so that
you guys could get well soon ;)