what's in a fuckin name?
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2003-02-07 09:55:08 (UTC)

1 is the lonliest #

Ok^^^^welcome to my little world! you probably won't
understand it, i wouldn't expect you too! but this is just
where i come to gripe! don't like it? don't read it!!
there we go!

WhO i AM:
My name is emily nelson. i am 16. i have a chronic
illness, which sucks major bootay because, duh..its a
chronic illness!! i am NOT your typical, all-american,
beautiful, skinny girl! and i will proudly stand up and
tell any fucker that has a problem with that to go fuck

My favorite bands are:
System of a Down
Sum41 (omg..cone is sexy)
Good Charlotte
a whole lot of shit! OH YEAH AVRIL-Y!! LOL! DUH STUPID ME!
i am also a HUGE fan of underground/local bands! they are
the TRUE musicians! for sure!

i play guitar and drums, and i sing! i am GOING to get
signed ^^;) av^^ i have tried to since i was younger, and
moving to New York in 2004 will definetely be a big step
in helping that out! i'll be close to epic records, arista
records, island/def jam records, and the list goes on!
maybe if i sit outside their doors, and never leave, they
will be forced to let me in! lmfao!

Also^^I am IN LOVE with a boy that likes me, but is afraid
to make the move! he is positively beautiful! he has the
bluest eyes that i have ever seen! and ahhh!!!i could just
go on & on & on about MARK! he won't ever see this, so i
can ramble about my fantasies all i want!

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