shifting mists
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2001-09-21 21:30:04 (UTC)

the line ...

... today i watched a talk show .... or rather ... listened
to a talk show ... (couch restriction sucks) ... and i
noticed something rather .. concerning ...

Your cheatin' on me
Cheatin' on me
You're not the kind of a sweetheart I hoped you be

... i have noticed this in the past ... when talking to
people ... when getting to know people .... but ... it is
still something of great concern to me ... and also
something that i find most people going into a relationship
never talk about .... and i think it's important that they
should .... that a clear and mutual definition of what
constitutes as cheating is reached ...

I trusted you and thought you'd be true
My love was so strong that I went along
Never dreaming you do me so wrong

... i have seen and known people who stretch all over the
spectrum of encounters when it comes to trying to define
this ... people who believe that it is not "cheating" unless
they are actually sticking their dick into a pussy ....
people who don't feel touching someone ... fondling or
kissing is cheating or betrayal - and people who do ....
people who consider online scening as cheating - and people
who don't ... i've met people who feel that giving a hug is
a form of betrayal and cheating .... who define being
friendly (harmless flirting type behavior) as cheating ...

Love is a game and I played on the square
But you're the kind who can never play fair

... the thing is though ... there is a line ... everyone has
a line that they consider to be the place where if their
partner crosses it's then that they are considered as being
unfaithful ... "cheating" ... betrayal ....

I may forgive but sure as you live
Some day you're gonna be sorry you cheated on me

... and i just wonder how so many people can get together
without ever looking at this issue ... setting those
boundaries ... how two people can get together without
having a mutual understanding and respect of what is
expected of them by their partner ...

Lyrics courtesy of the song "Cheatin' On Me"
by Dean Martin