Chapter One: The Evil Within
2001-09-21 20:52:02 (UTC)

To all the people today

I am sorry I was so lame today, I just feel like crap. I
know that half, if not all of you either dont care, or dont
understand, but, I figured that I owed you all an apology!
I am sorry!

Well, i guess that me not going to that formal is all for
the better, right? I mean, i had got the skirt, and I didnt
really think that was going to happen, but i dont have a
shirt to go with it, so to comphensate, though i cant even
spell it, i was going to hide my nose ring, i though it
would make him happy. but i guess its all for the good,
look on the bright side right, at least i dont have to show
up to some huge formal thing with the wrong shirt
right! :*