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2003-02-07 04:36:26 (UTC)

Damn guys

I don't see why i sit around and wait on him to call me,
it's not going to happen, i dunno what the deal is with
him, i leave messages after messages days after days and
still no word from him except an email maybe once a week.
and then the other one, i dunno whats up with him either.
i'll call him and talk to him for maybe 5 minutes or so and
he'll say that he'll call me back, and of course he never
does, i hate guys, this is why i never wanna deal with
them. they suck. but for the record girls do too, cuz they
are too scared to admit their sexuality so the ones who
know that they want girls never can fine one cuz they are
chicken shit to say anything afraid of being rejected by
society. well fuck society. last night i couldn't even
sleep due to the face they say "if you have a butterfly set
it free, if it comes back it was meant to be" well i set
that butterfly free and well he came back but i dunno what
is going on dmanit it's killing me. it's like he is a whole
nother person in his head. but i can see past that. i love
this dude, and i know it, i have never felt this strong
about someone before like the way i feel about him. but
anyway, i can't help to think that he doesn't wanna be with
me or it has something to do with his dad. i dunno i'm
going crazy thinking about it. i'm caught in a love
triangle and have no clue what the hell is going on. i hate
it. i just wanna be out of it or one of them needs to come
forward with some feelings. i guess all i can do is sit and
wait and let the anger build inside me and sit there til
something happens.

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