Wandering Through Geekdom
2001-02-22 01:47:57 (UTC)

I went running at the beach..

I went running at the beach today. I ache all over; before
I could hardly move. Now I took some excedrin and i feel
better. I stopped by graham's house and he came with me. we
went to Bradley Point and he kissesd me. First kiss in...6
months? could it have been that long? he got better at
kissing in the nearly a year since our last. He has a
*happy spot*- when I rub the back of his neck very lightly,
he gets *happy* . Hee hee... I'll keep that in mind. Wonder
if it would work on other guys? Steve, namely...
Im drinking grape soda... no thats not what I was gonna
say. um... Did I say I started planning my Dedication? no?
Well I did. Groovy, huh? I'm nervous. I might tell my mom
soon. Come out of the broom closet... lol.
Hey if anyone reads these, feel free to email me. im sick
of nothing but junk mail.
Grape soda...
Sheesh. Someone interesting needs to get online. All that
is online on my BL are boring people and perverts. and of
course, Katie. but shes cool. Too bad she lives at the
wrong end of CT...