apfel diary
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2003-02-07 04:13:53 (UTC)

yesterday i got 2 red pocket..

yesterday i got 2 red pocket from patients. they are so
nice to me.one of them gave me $50 hkd. surprised that she
would give me that much.hehe.. hm..actually i dont know her
well,we rarely talked. anyway..she is nice.hehe..as nice as
im going to watch 'catch me if you can' with bonnie in this
sunday.but sister told me that it is not too good.i might as well
watch it.cos there is nothing to do beside it.i dont wanna stay at
home again,hehe..
sigh,i wanna go to a store.but im not sure if the phone number is
changed or not.no one has answered the phone. it is quite far for
me,i dont wanna go to there to make sure the store has opened or
not.hm..no point that it is closed that long. everybody
started working now.maybe i should go to there on sunday.