Dave's Mental Meanderings
2003-02-07 04:12:17 (UTC)

Poem - "Charlie"

United by bonds that will never be broken,
Founded by words that should never be spoken,
Justified in a cause that none of us tried to understand.
We left home as boys growing up in confusion,
To some it was hell, to others inclusion,
Uncompromised loyalty at the time seemed a simple demand.

Soon we realized it was more than just glory,
Honor and courage were only half of the story,
It seemed quite ironic that none of us really wanted to
We grew harder as we watched the headcount fall,
As months passed by we got used to it all,
The euphoria grips harder than I’d ever want to believe.

As we pressed even deeper, real danger set in,
Reciprocal slaughter was met with a grin,
We were farther away from ourselves than we thought we
could get.
Word came in that our break was near,
Opportunity to shine was abundantly clear,
We would soon embark on a journey we’d kill to forget.

Orders were heeded with extreme compliance,
Though not once were we met with a shred of defiance
As we ravaged and raped and spilled the blood of the good.
Crouching from fire that didn’t exist,
Not a single objective looked over or missed,
Finally halted when outsiders saw where we stood.

The bloody grime in the sunlight gleams,
The motionless eyes will haunt our dreams,
Our mothers and sweethearts will never know who we are.
Not even Charlie can save us from hell
Or the wrath of the innocent that wrongfully fell,
We curse that name for letting us take it too far.