FallnAngel's Journal
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2003-02-07 03:12:21 (UTC)

Head Hurt....

Well lets see...what has happened since the last time i
updated....i dont think much...been working alot. went and
registared at TOPS staffing so that i can get paid for
working at erie. that was nothing but long and boring. and
of course i have worked everyday at mcdonalds...even the
day i was supposed to be off...thought i
worked...apparently i was off, but oh well its money. my
head hurts really badly right now and i am having a hard
time trying to think of things to write in here. saturday
is coming tho...and that will be a great day. its our hotel
party day...haha we are so strange. but we will be gettin
drunk so its ok. the only bad thing is that i have to open
the next day at work and thats gonna suck major ass. still
havent talked to richy...kinda makes me sad. at one point
he was my knight in shining armor...and now what are...well
i dont even know what we are...i just dont know anything

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