Days Gone By
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2003-02-07 03:00:38 (UTC)


today was a crazy, bad day. the pep rally was fun and our
shirts were ghetto but they were sweet. the mall has NO
red shoes. o well. too late cuz the dance is tomorrow. im
pretty excited but im in a mad mood cuz of today.
hopefully things r better tomorrow cuz its gonna be an
even longer and more crazy day im guessing. hope u guys
all have fun and DONT DRINK AND DRIVE. thanks to boofer we
thought they found the tahoe WHICH SUCKED..thank god we
found out they didnt. anyways...for everyone whos planning
on going to my party..i hope there still is one...see
theres sort of a problem with boofer.. again...theres
going to be eight very very old, deaf people in my kitchen
playing cards on the same night i planned on having this
party so that is a problem that needs fixing NOW. ill get
back to u guys about that trying to find a way to
hide boofer somewhere for a couple of days or
forever...either one works. so im gonna go work on that
and hopefully i dont have to cancel on all of u like a
loser. sorry :(

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