so can we fuck yet?
2003-02-07 02:12:21 (UTC)

handcuffs and fluffly dice

free house all next weekend
adam spatz
(nantalie my bezzie mate and gf, open relationship)
and duncan are coming over
not going dome for agez now
not this sat, or the one afther but the one afther
hopefully gothic sally will be there hes hot ::drools::
hes a goth with long black hair
im seriously addicted to them

iain is sooooo fuckable
he was on the verge of drving round here at 5 in the
moring yesterday so we could fuck
aparently he likes the way im sooo upfront and tell him
iwant to fuck him lol

fucking councilling today
he thinks im a skitzo
first i was crying coz he made me talk bout my past and
things that really hurt
then i couldnt stop lauging for serioudly about 30 mintues
then he asked me if i remberd if i cryed
then when we talked on and i got depressed again he asked
me if i remeberd lauging

hope fully seeing adam (the otherone) soon
hes kinda my agony arnt
he rocks

hopefull see dave soon (another fuckable goth)

so many fuckable boys :)
i want all of them

so fucking horny