My Personal Insane Asylem!!
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2001-09-21 20:20:41 (UTC)

Nothing very much....

Hi, well, I know I haven't written in here for a while, but
then, I'm like that with diaries!

Okay well, school sucks, I got ill etc etc.

What happened was, they made us swim in the school's
OUTSIDE pool, when it was 13 degrees out side. X_X So
anyways, that made the cold I was getting worse and I
stayed off school yesterday! Whoop de doo! I missed a Latin
test and a French oral test.

Oooh, pretty sunset! Sorry, anyways, moving on, other stuff
at school; I've been invited to go out and get totaly
pissed with the girls who don't like me twice now (yes I
know it's weird which is why I'm not going) and also, if I
did go I'd have to face up to the guy I LIKED for 7 years.
Eep of the century!

So, nothing else has really happened. I talked to Matt,
Beth and Heather online today. Uh, chatted with Becka on
the phone on monday.

Uhh, okay, I have no idea what to write now, so I'll shut
up before I say something stupid so.

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