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2003-02-07 01:50:46 (UTC)

lol i was just on the phone wit vanessa and we prank called 411...

Omg i was just on the phone with vanessa and we were prank
calling 4-1-1 and vanessa omg shes soo halarious! this
were the convos we had with them:

operater: city and state please
vaness: hi
operater: yes how can i help you
vaness: how are you
operater: im good how are you?...how can i help you
vaness: well i just wanted to have a conversation...have
you ever ahd a conversation?
operator: no not while im at work
vaness: well..but..but dont you get lonley??
operator:no..no i just help people and give numbers out
vaness: have you ever talked to your mom on this phone?
operator: no
vaness: well..well...why not!!!
operator: because im at work
vaness: well how is your mom doing
operator: not to good shes dead
operator: go say good night and go to bed
vaness: well well im not tired!!!
operator: well i cant talk on the phone
vaness: well i want to!!!
operator: go say good night
vaness: TO WHO!?
operator: to anyone..your friend..uhh anyone in your house
vaness: well no ones awake!
operator: well i cant talk cause i will be fired
vaness: but i want to talk!
operator: i cant my supervisor is listning in on every call
vaness: REALLY? HI SUPERVISOR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

hahha and then she hung up

another one was when vanessa was screamin in the backround
and stuff and i couldnt hold in my laugh i so i screamed
sooooooooooooooooooooooooo loud omg it was sooo funny!! it
might not sound fnny right now but omg it was halarious!
it was great!!!! hhahhaha im still LMAO!. ok well i just
thought youz would like to know...I HOPE IT SNOWS!!!:-D

14who?...GOODBYE MY LOVE...

llik flesrouy aicirtap!!!