2001-09-21 20:01:30 (UTC)

Weight and Weights!

I haven't written in my diary today. I have not done much
today cept lift weights. I have always lifted weights off
and on but really serious about it about two months ago. I
now lift double of what I use to and am in the best shape
of my life. I am 6'2" 182pds. I am two pds over my weght
for my average height but It is just about all muscle. I
want to weigh at least 205pds so that I can fight in the
heavy weights in fight night. It is a boxing competition.
It means alot to me because I never played sports in
school. My mom and dad were divorced so my dad could never
carry me. My mom usually lived out of state. Now I go to
college at UAM. Lifting weights makes me feel good about
myself I really enjoy it. I was always the skinny kid in
school. In elementary I was picked on some times. In
junior high I got tall so nobody said anything to me. I
was still skinny though and hated it. So I started lifting
weights. I really never gained weight though. I joined
the guard when I was in the 11th grade expecting to go to
boot camp and come back ripped. When I returned to school
my senior year I weighed less than before I went. I was
6'139pds. I was very strong for my weight though. It
wasn't enough. I just recently turned 21 and decided to
get on creatine get on a all you can eat protein diet, all
you can eat foods, and lift everyday. In two mths I
weighed 187pds. I got off for 1month to loose 5 pds of fat
and tone up. People that know me say I am getting big but
I still think I am skinny. I believe I have a problem.
When I look in the mirror I see a very skinny person.
People say I am not. When I measure my arms I take a
string and wrap around my bicep it measures 16" most people
I know are alot smaller. Then some of the other peoples
arms look big but are fat. Mine is all muscle. Then I
look at my arms and they still look skinny. I don't know?
No matter how big I get it is never big enough. When will
I stop! I remember when some said 190 I though God that is
huge now its like pssss!!!! When will I stop? Well
tonight I am going to Kims house to watch movies! I am so
glad. I can't wait till I get my loan in the mail. I am
gonna buy a new pair of shoes, and Kim some then By some
weight lifting supplements, and vitamins. That reminds me
I need some bad I am almost out. I am supposed to take
four a day. I had to carry a girl home today. She needed
a ride. It seems as though she follows me around! I
swear! She always asks if I am in her class. Some of them
I am but some of them she has to know that I am not, but
she asks me everyday! I mean everyday. Then she asks me
to direct her to class one day. I mean hello it is the 4th
or 5th week of school! Well I gotta go because it is long
enough. See yall! HA HA


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