Trixie Dust

Trixies in the Wind
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2001-09-21 19:43:10 (UTC)


Okay, thats enough. Its enough that the media controls our
lives, but at least let us hear the music we want to hear.
Radio people are only making it worse by clipping off some
of the bands we all love to hear. I LIKE RAGE! Theyre not
right to say that theyre not allowed to be played! Read my
buddie the muffin man and dorkboy 's journals. They agree
with me. They told me about it. I mean, this is crap.
ITs bad enough my school wotn let us paint our faces for
pep rallies and we cant have wierd coloured hair. Im gunna
get me some face paint and go goth one day, just to see if
they send me to the office. If they try to make me wash it
off, im gunna get mad. Everyone has aright to there
opinion. We have a right to pray in school, and at mine,
we do even if were not supposed to. *AMEN to that*
But this si knutz. Just because the terrorist thing
happened doesnt mean that we have to start editing stuff.
The media has tried forever to control what is outputted.
Okay, i dont like cussing, I dont support it, but thats
expression. If a band wants to cuss, let them. If they
talk about death, fine. Its their choice, their right.
whats goign to happen is their gunna try and stop it. Like
the warning labels, like MTV not playing ICP. Thats bull.
EVERYONE should have their opinion spoken, theyre likes
shown. this is america, land of the free, home of the
brave. We are FREE to express our feelings, our race, our
religion, and our form of music. DONT STRIP US OF THAT!!!

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