Kitten's deams
2003-02-07 01:09:46 (UTC)


ok So I'm a depresses feline. I don't really know why. I
think It's because of him. I wonder why I ever let myself
fall in love with him. I was never expecting i. And it
hurts! I can fgure out why. I love him though and That
feelingis worth everything. One day, I'm going to go to
him and ask him if he's redy to come back to me, if he's
done growing up. Maybe he never will be. I can wait a few
years to find out though. I can be patiant at times. This
would be one of those situations. My finers hurt from
playing with christmas lightbulbs. I just want him back..
Lord give me streangth. And patiance. And Wisdom to know
weather or not I'm just being foolish. I miss him so
much!! I guess I should stop now. I have things to
study. Yuck!