Totally Consumed
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2003-02-07 01:05:59 (UTC)


7:45 PM

today is annas birthday! lets see..this time last year i
would have gotten into annas car at like 7:00 cause we had
a track meeting that morning and i remember i was so tired
i almost forgot to say happy birthday. but i think halfway
to jasons house i remember and probably screamed it for the
whole world to hear.

(6 days till my birthday..yeayyyyyyyyyy!)

omg i can give u every detial of my birthday last year...

mmk i woke up early and dad took me to Panera on my way to
school to get me a coffee and one of those muffin things.
then when i got to school everyone was like "happy
birthday!" and while the cards and balloons were being
shoved in my face (haha i did love that part) my coffee was
passed around, im suprised we didnt all die of some rare
sickness. well finally got the allll the ballons inside
ms.nimmons work room and i have my coffee to chels kerls to
drink durring first period. idk what we did in 1st tho..i
kno it was one of my electives..we probably just sat around
(me, chels, peter, lauren, allen, bryan and vann) on top of the
desks and talked about nothing in particular. the daily
conversation with me and vann was him saying "i love you"
then i would nod say "cool"...i think something
along those lines is in my yearbook too. then before 2nd
period jenna put a sign on my locker that was decorated and
said "HAPPY BIRTHDAY KK!" (of course evil, gothic, trench-
coat wearing Clark Rea put another K after KK so it
read "HAPPY BIRTHDAY KKK" i think Tanner Millis scratched
it off tho. haha how nice of him. Durring math (2nd period) all i did
was write notes to jenna while Ms.Barnett made us copy notes she
wrote about 10 years ago. Then durring language (3rd
period) all i did was play games on the internet and
talk...Ms.Nimmons never really made us do much. 4th period
was gym and i probably skipped and stayed in Nimmons room
with her. i dont think i ever did a full day of gym because
Nimmons always wrote me notes so i could skip most of it.
then Social Studies (5th period) i would just watch Mr.Z do
is daily rutine of jumping out of windows, climbing on
desks and chairs, the normal stuff he did to get our
attention. either that or i passed notes to jenna (jenna
was in 4 of 7 classes so we have ALOT of notes). then jenna
and i would run to the lunch building so that we could get
a good seat and didnt have to sit at the loser tables or at
the end of the table. i think that day i actually rememberd
to get my lunch out of my locker because my mom
wrote "happy birthday!" on a napkin. then Science (6th period) all i
did in that class was annoy that girl behind me..Gabrielle but jenna
and i nick-named her Gabby to make her mad) i always asked
to use her white out so finally she starting charging me a
dime to use it. then it was Home other elective
(obviously 7th period) Ms.Becker was insane. she would
often remind us she had the key to the knife drawer. (that
isnt very comforting coming from her..) i would
rather have the most depressed, and insane kid at school
have the key to the knife drawer. i gotta go uuuuuuu

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