A day in the life
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2001-09-21 19:37:46 (UTC)

Drive with me far away...

Paul called me at 303 today, he knows i get home at three
o'clock. My dad asked who he was... I told him that he was
an obsessive maniac who, for some odd reason, really really
really likes me, he is infactuated actually because he
doesnt know me at all. What should i do about this... I
dont know. He wants to go out tonight, most likely,
Thankfully i wasnt here when he called, i dont want to call
him back, i knew this would turn out ugly. I feel like
calling in sick for the very reason that i KNOW he is
either working or will call/ come in like he did the other
night. A lot of people at work know that he likes me , The
other day i walked passed a group of guys and they stoped
talkingthen when they though i couldnt hear them they said
blah blah blah.. paul and andrea. My dad told me to
give him a chance. First of all i cant believe that he
actually said that considering how much older he is than
me... its only 4 years but when my sister came home with a
boy that much older than her he almost killed him. Its not
so much that i dont like him.. well kinda but a lot goes to
the fact that i am a junior in high school and i dont
really need to be thinking about boys, i have way to many
more important things to worry about. Paul always wants to
hang out with me on the weekdays, I feel like a terible
when i tell him that i cant. I DO go to school, i mean what
does he expect. I really dont have time for this, Its so
draining having to tell him that i dont get any sleep
because as it is im already swamped, if i had a
relationship it would be so much worse. Hed always want to
be with me and i cant do that, i cant, I really dont know
what he expects from me... I wish hed understand, WHY ARE

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