Trixie Dust

Trixies in the Wind
2001-09-21 19:09:54 (UTC)

Good Day :-D

Ive actually had a good day. *grin* School was great. It
was fun. We had a pep rally day, and they usually suck,
(pep rallies) but it wasnt that bad. The classes are
shorter, so thats cool!! Only by like ten mins, but thats
all good. And I gots a date for homecoming... and, well,
thats about it. ROTC was fun, we got to play a game. And
I got to be in control. Major Kelly gives me more control
then 1sg and sergeant major. Believe it or not, i like it
better that way.

Dude, God so answered my prayers. God is so awesome.

Well, I love yaz all, and especially those who know who you