I'm A Christian, No?
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2003-02-07 00:31:26 (UTC)

A Purpose for Everyone

We're in this world together. But does it really matter?
What do we all mean, when there are infinities stretching
all around us. In all directions, all dimensions. 4th, 5th.
What about those? We don't understand them. We can't. We're
not capable. But why are we here, if we don't serve a
purpose. Who would bother enough to put us here, if we
didn't have anything worthwhile to do. Oh yes, we do have a
purpose. Not just on this earth, but something that will
affect all being (and perhaps non-being also). Someone
bothered to put us here. Someone went to that trouble. He
must have created a purpose for us, then too. We must find
what that purpose is, and carry it out accordingly. We
would be letting that someone down if we didn't succeed in
carrying out our purpose. How can we let someone waste so
much time, effort, and energy if we're not going to serve
our ultimate purpose? The time is now, because it may be
running out...

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