I'm A Christian, No?
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2003-02-07 00:29:50 (UTC)

On Writing

It’s interesting. When I sit in front of the computer, not
really knowing what I want to write, I can still write.
Something about the computer lets me write a lot more than
I normally would for class or anything else. I think that
if I just let my stream of conciousness flow onto the
paper, I can write as much as I want. I can have a lot to
say. I think that also has to do with being interested in
what I’m writing. Of course it does. Nobody really wants
to write about stuff they’re not interested in. It seems
that I can write as much as I want to if I just let the
words come and don’t plan anything that I’m going to
write. I think that God wants me to write down my emotions
and thoughts about my growing and developing faith.
Because I can write even more about my faith than I can
about anything else happening in my life. I also think
that when I start writing whatever I want to, it always
drifts to talking about my faith. God enables me to speak
about it, maybe so I can look back on it later and see how
I have developed over time. Writing about my faith is a
very good and essential thing. It needs to happen. I
think it helps me to reflect about the things going on and
to think about what needs to happen in my life.