I'm A Christian, No?
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2003-02-07 00:29:20 (UTC)

Thoughts and Advances

It’s been a while. Things have happened. I have thought.
Now is a time in my life, not only my physical life, but my
spiritual life. Now is a time in my life for new
discoveries and many changes. I’m slowly working on it. I
haven’t written a song in a while. Of course, I have had a
few ideas. I recorded them on tape. Some of them,
actually all of them I think, are good and have potential
to become full and complete songs. But right now is a
break time. A break from song writing. Now is an idea
time. It is an idea time for everything, not just
songwriting. I am forming my ideas and opinions on
everything in this world and my life. This is what I need
to do. Things might not get completed in this stage, but
they will begin to form. That might actually be the most
important part: the initial stage. I am making a lot of
advancements in the way I think about things. I am also
making advancements in my faith. Last summer I was saved.
That is why now is a time for initial ideas. It like a
whole new life, because I think about things in entirely
different ways than before. It’s all new. This is serious
stuff here. Important stuff. Classified information for
my eyes, and God’s, only.