I'm A Christian, No?
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2003-02-07 00:27:55 (UTC)


I have a story inside of me. Somewhere. Longing to be put
down onto paper. It is cramped inside of my mind. I just
have to find out where it is. I have to release all of
those thoughts. And I know that once I do, they will be a
steady stream flowing onto the paper. It’s in there
somewhere. I must harness it. It will be good. I don’t
even know what type of story. Perhaps midevil fantasy.
Maybe Christian. It could be a combination of the two. I
read a book, called the Seeing Stone. It was very good,
and part of a trilogy. I am excited and impatient to read
the next one. But just last night, I finished a Christian
novel called Thunder of Heaven. WOW. That’s how I felt
after I read that book. It was so deep, so exilerating, so
uplifting! It was just…wow. It left me speechless, but
not thoughtless. I couldn’t go to sleep for an hour. It
was an amazing story. It makes me want to praise God. It
makes me want to write a story for Him. Perhaps He is
calling me to do so. I don’t know. I need a little
thunder from heaven to speak to me softly. It is all that
I have, and all that I need. Let it be my guide. Let it
shed me light. Hmmm. Those few sentences were just part of
a song that I am writing. Of course, in honor of the
novel! As I said, it inspired me.