I'm A Christian, No?
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2003-02-07 00:26:59 (UTC)


Christmas. A magical time of year. And yet, there is
something more than just the holiday spirit. Something in
the air. A kind of spirit, or aura, hovering, just hanging
there around us. Did you ever wonder why Christmas feels
so different from the other holidays? Yes, the other
holidays are special: Thanksgiving, Valentine’s Day,
Halloween, and such. But Christmas…Christmas is decidedly
different. You can feel it. It’s hard to imagine that
2000 years ago, our Lord came down to earth. Hard to
fathom that a God so powerful would come to earth in the
form of a small baby. A small, human baby. Weak, totally
helpless. Yet kings fell to the ground before Him. They
knew that there was something different about this day,
this baby. He was there. Here. On this earth. Walking
with us. Sharing the same sorrows and temptations as all
of us. Why would He, a God so awesome, so great, come to
earth and humble himself so? The answer: He is a God of
LOVE. Yes, He is to be feared. But He LOVES us. He knows
us all intimately, and He is calling us all to serve Him.
And I believe that He is infinitely more than worthy to be
served. Christmas. He came down to earth to be with us.
He LOVES us. More than any of us can begin to even