I'm A Christian, No?
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2003-02-07 00:26:39 (UTC)


Hey. My name is Allie. I am 14 years old, and I have a
pretty good life I suppose. I'm just making this diary
public so maybe I can get to know some friendly people. I
play soccer, and I've played ever since I was 4. I am a
Christian, and I have been saved and accepted Jesus into my
heart. I am not nessecarily popular, but I have a few good
friends (seems like most people say that, right?). My main
thing that I don't like about my life is that the guys that
I like ususally end up going out with this one really
popular . It gets on my nerves and makes me kinda sad
sometimes (you say "big deal...people have much bigger
problems than that."). I have also done some things that I
regret. But all in all, I have not many things that I feel
are bad in my life.