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2001-09-21 18:57:35 (UTC)

Only of You...

I wish I could tell you
But the words would come out wrong
Oh, if you only know
The way I felt so long
I know that we're worlds apart
But I just don't seem to care
These feelings in my heart
Only with you I want to share

The first time I caught
A glimpse of you
Then all my thoughts
Were only of you

I hope that time goes by
You will think the same about me
Many nights awake I lie
I only wish I could see
I know that we're only friends
I hope this feeling never ends
If I could only hold you
It's the only thing I want to do


I can relate to that I suppose. I have a--growing crush on
Mike. But I wouldn't have the balls to tell him that even
though he has already told me that he likes me a lot.


well, I guess I may as well go talk to him.

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