2003-02-06 23:36:02 (UTC)

Is it for the best???

Today i got into a fight with my "best friend" and she sayd
that she feels that i should tell her everything. i think
that there are certain things you just can't tell anyone. i
keep getting into fights with her for no good reson and i
think it is time that we just end it for good but i love
her and have fun with her; but at thesame time she is sooo
bossy and she needs to no everything. Even things that i am
not aloud she gets all mad at me and she won't talk to me.
Is it for the best that i just go on with my life as if she
doesn't exsist. These last couple of days i haven't been
spending as much time with her as i used to and i have been
so happy. I have more happy then i have my entire life and
i wounder is that because of her or is it because i am
making myself feel happy. Tell me is it fo the best that i
just leave her and let her do this to someone else or
should i countiue getting hurt to sae someone else???!!!??