Land of Skim
2003-02-06 23:11:54 (UTC)

First Thingy 2-6-03

Hey! This is me, Shanna S. Hehe. Anyways, today was a
really really normal day. Nothing too exciting happened.
Probably why I'm so bored that I decided to write this
thing! Who knows though?
My friend, Dana C., showed up at school after being gone
on a 'mock trial' with her speech class yesterday. Great.
She was pretty normal, kind of on the bitchy side though.
You know? She hates me going out with Heath C., the guy
who's a year and a half younger than me. If you want to
know the truth, I probably could have stayed single until
more than a week and a half after my more-than-a-year-long
relationship. I probably should have, but I have no doubt
now. Just the fact that people think I'm playing with
Heath, trying to...How did Dana put it? "Ruin him like
Richard ruined you." Lovely statement, don't you think?
Yeah, she had the nerve to second guess me in this. She
wrote me a note, saying how I should have stayed single
because I 'love or loved' Richard, my old boyfriend. And
she put stuff about how I should have gone with, if anyone,
Greg B. (Heath's cousin, a year older than me, and really
cute. I've had a crush on him forever, and he never showed
it until the day he found out that Heath started 'talking'
to me.) She said "any girl would be lucky to go out with
Greg, but you went for Heath instead." Who gives a flying
fuck?! I like Heath for Heath, I like Greg for his
looks...I hate his personality and I don't trust the guy.
One reason is because he used to flirt with me while I was
with Richard and he was with this chick named Ashley W.
So anyways, Heath has a basketball game tonight in like
an hour from now. Unfortunately, I can't go. Mom said she's
too tired to run over there to the town he's playing in. I
know how she feels. I've been on the road all week with my
basketball, too. Have a high school game tomorrow night at
this town an hour away, but it's been really bad weather so
I'm HOPING it will be cancelled. I had a game tonight, but
there's like freak snow all around to the left of me so
they had to cancel it. Who knows? The snow was coming down
HARD today, but it just stopped like an hour later. Damn,
damn, damn! I wanted to get outta school tomorrow! :o(
Anyways, this is probably one of the most BORING entries
in a journal since the time began that we actually had
internet. Oh well, though. I've got to go eat
something...maybe study for my Spanish test. Who knows?
Hehe. Anywho! See everyone later! Sorry to bore you for
SOOOOO long. Tootles.