Just another life
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2003-02-06 23:10:23 (UTC)

who knew

i feel like i'm getting kicked around
so i gotta scream out loud
i see them loving him
i wished theyd love me
i feel like a pathetic loser
i am
changing through the days
my nights are overfilled
and theres nothing to say to you anymore
trickle down
hit me up
let me know
what is up
i hope that one day i will be a better friend to you
but right now
i feel quite silly
and want to sulk in my self pity
do you understand
can you ever comprehend
or do i talk
with a severed tongue
im simply a person
living for the worst
and when push comes to shove
im ready to tackle
stonger than most
smarter than most
i cry simply
to these tears that lay on the pillow
i lay on