My Mind
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2001-09-21 16:42:53 (UTC)

The dream and then theres more

i had an awful dream last night and the worst part of it is
i dont know the ending. or at least wether it was good or
bad anyway. me and lil man were eating dinner at ruby
tuesdays alone (which is weird in itself) and then will
burst in and blew the place up then we were in a room that
looked somewhat like what was left of the bathroom in the
restraunt. it was filled halfway with water and you
couldnt get the door open. will looked as if he was hurt
and when i got closer to him he tried to reach out and grab
me but he couldnt cause the lower half of him was blown
apart. but he just jumped down off what he was sitting on
and tried to get me anyway lil man was sitting in one of
the bathroom stalls and couldnt see but he was screaming
cause he was terrified. the room suddenly filled with
water really quick and it started to sink i didnt realize
untill we were completely under what was happening somehow
we were in a large body of water not sure if it was a river
or a lake or the ocean but we were sinking. i kicked will
out of the way and grabbed lil man and started swimming to
the top when we reached the top there was a search crew
looking for us so i yelled for them and handed lil man to
the guy then will started to pull me back the man tried to
reach for me but he almost dropped my baby so i told him to
just get him in the boat and make sure hes ok ill be fine
and then i woke up i dont know why i would dream something
like that and i definatly left a lot of details out in here
but thats only because i didnt want to experience them
again. it was a very detailed dream and it was very creepy
ive had dreams about monsters and got mad when i woke up
cause i wanted to see more of them but this one i definatly
dont want to dream again ever. it was really scary. then
today lil man woke up crying hard and wouldnt stop til i
gave him a picture of his daddy. i was looking through the
photo album and i saw a picture of will and i couldnt stop
looking at it its not like i have feelings for him still
cause i definatly dont but i couldnt help looking at it for
some reason. then when i looked at all the pictures of me
when i was pregnant and with will i was so unhappy and i
seemed to fixate on a sign we had on our wall that will had
taken a detour sign that was the most noticable thing in
all the pictures as if it was trying to tell me something
then i just didnt take notice until now. something really
wierd is going on and i cant explain it i just hope this
dream isnt like the others. im still thinking of the lady
whose house burned down. two nights after i had the dream
that my house burned down as a result of my stove which is
exactly what happened to hers. ive had many of these
dejavu dreams they call them but nothing as severe as the
last few that ive had im really worried will this one
happen to me and lil will or is this one going to happen to
someone else. i dont know my mind plays evil tricks on me
sometimes but the sad thing is they are never played on
me. --end--

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