Dave's Mental Meanderings
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2001-09-21 16:41:53 (UTC)

I need a girl

For the first time since my last break-up, a rather
untimely one after which I ended up with a useless $75
Christmas gift that I never ended up giving to its intended
recipient, I have recently felt the calling of the opposite
sex. That's right, I need a girl. And of course, being
the off-beat, eccentric human that I am, not just any girl
will do. I suppose that it's for the best that I'm not
particularly interested in the standard, run-of-the-mill
gorgeous sorority girl whose "personality" is bleaker than
Death Valley. I would imagine that an attractive, socially
active girl would have as little interest in me as I would
in her. The problem is, after these girls are eliminated
from my pool of possible mates, there isn't much of a
selection left. When did the world become so damn shallow?
I'm not asking all that much, just for a girl who is
intelligent, interesting, and halfway decent looking. I
don't need to date a supermodel; as far as looks go, I just
want someone who is at least somewhat attractive in some
way or another. It seems, however, that almost any girl
with above average looks is of the shallow, uninteresting
type, a type which can usually be found clubbing downtown
on Thursday nights. The few decent looking girls who are
actually unique and multi-faceted are definitely few and
far-between, so naturally they have been swiped up by guys
who are probably a lot like me, but better looking. So
where, you ask, does that leave me? Here, in front of my
computer, smoking a cigarette, wondering whether I should
masturbate before or after my next class.
If I have offended you by writing this, then you are
probably either a sorority chick who puts on a tube-top and
miniskirt and goes clubbing when it's 45 degrees outside,
or their male Abercrombie-clad counterpart, and I am glad
that I have offended you. You deserve it. You bastard.