REMINDER: my birthday is May 31
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2003-02-06 21:30:19 (UTC)


-------------------basketball practice------------------

Hey everyone, i just got back from basketball practice. It
wasnt anything special...just got yellled at some cause we
coudnt run the flex and crap. Ashley Frick fractured her
wrist...it sux, shes one of our 5 starters. But we still
got danielle susi, jenna lougee, ryan kileen, and lisa
dean.There awsome to. Same...uhh...i forgot her last name
but shes a seventh grader and shell probobl take over
ashleys spot.


Today at school was another boring old day. It was
sLoW!!!...eighth grade is going soo fast. Its kinda scary.
Yestorday mr. tirpack came to talk to us in math. He was
explainin the couirse selections and the credits for us to
graduate. Were gonna be the class of 2007!..jeese its
crazee. I have no homework today, except for Mrs.Casey but
all i have to do in her class is study...hopefully we wont
even have school tomarrow cause its suppossed to snow 3-6
inches awsome. oh yeah. Were playin thompson on monday you
gotta come see us whip some thompson [email protected]#!!!!!! lol sory i
got a little carried away there.


Im really tired. I dunno i jus t have been tired for the
last couple weeks. Like extreamly tired. Its like when i
get into the house and i lay down im dead asleep. Its been
like that for a while. Its annoying cause if i fall asleep
in the day then i have trouble sleepin at night. GAR. and
im up to like 3 am jus laying in my bed.


sorry i know my whole diary has been about patricia pietz,
but o-well. Theres gonna be a fight with ehr and vanessa
masserrotti at Quakies tuesday feb 11, at 3:00 go come see
vanessa whoop some [email protected]#$%y A#$!!! lol. She wasnt in school
for the past todays and EVERYONE knows that shes scared
ahhahahaha. its great she thinks shes all tough and..nm
lemme jus drop it

well im out, im ognna go watch some t.v and hope for alot
of snow for some SCHOOL CANCELLATIONS!!!!!!!!!!!!! (cant
spell sorry...) ttyl

MaD lOvE!