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2003-02-06 21:28:01 (UTC)

Foreign Telemarketers

Another pet peeve of mine resurfaced today. I got my
first telemarketing salesperson at my dorm room.
Honestly, the calls themselves don't bother me.
Unfortunately, though, many times the person that is hired
to coerce me to purchase can't deliver his or her message
effectively, due to their lack of knowledge of the english
language. Now I am not prejudice at all, but this really
bothers me. You come to America, and you're looking for a
job. Why would you get a job where all you do is speak
english. YOU CAN'T. Do something you can do efficiently.
And who hires these workers and says "Gee, I think that
since they can't enunciate at all, I will give them a phone
and have them call random people." It's almost like a sick

And they're all the same. I pick up the phone and
greet them. Then, after a considerable pause, a person
with an accent (never an identifiable one, always one of
those mysterious ones, like Fes of That 70's show) chimes
in. "Eh, can I, speak with Mr. Rimsee?" I mean it doesn't
matter what your name is, they'll manage to mispronounce it.
It's a gift they have. After I say "This is me," they
always ramble on into this product identification and
description and maybe I'm just retarded but I never
understand a word they say. So I just hang up. Not to be
rude, just cause I'm too confused to go any further.

I won't bore you with stereotypical experiences and
such anymore today. I will just conclude by telling you
why this phenomenon bothers me. You have a career. If
your career is based around speaking english to english
speakers (CAUSE THATS ALL THEY DO REALLY; no one ever gets
far enough into the conversation to purchase anything), do
it WELL and RIGHT. Hire people who can communicate
efficiently for crying out loud. Maybe this shouldn't
bother me. Maybe this makes me prejudiced. Either way, it
aggravates me to no end. That's why I get to vent about it
here. Well, at least now it's off my chest and I can go on
peacefully with my life.

Mark Ramsey

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