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2003-02-06 21:12:57 (UTC)

...like bringing a knife to a gun fight...

nothing that exciting to talk about...today in chemistry
my teacher noticed my earrings (i have them at a "0"
gauge) she wanted to see the hole and everything and was
very shocked and kept saying they weren't going to close
up ever and i was just like "yes the will" and then she
got another chem. teach in there and he was like "holy
cow" and then she called my old biology teacher and she
was like they'll close and then she said at lwast he
doesn't have one on his penis (and right as she was saying
that someone had hit the speaker button so the WHOLE class
heard...it was embarrassing, but i kinda enjoyed being the
center of attention. knowing everyone was looking at
me..err.. the gaping hole in my ear, but still it was a
cool feeling. like being a movie star. and everyone's like
did it hurt did it hurt...OF COURSE IT DID! but i was jsut
like no. well.......ANYWAYS...
tons of shows coming up.... details you ask? ok....
sat. feb. 15 - All American Reject w/homegrown (i dont
really really want to go but my gf does and AAR is pretty
fri. feb. 21 - LESS THAN JAKE!!!! it's in gainesville but
i think i might go anyway...wooohooo!
fri. feb. 28 - CUTAWAY!! local band but hey they're my
sun. mar. 2 - CUTAWAY!! again.... and that evening.....
THE STEREO!!!!!! Mmmmmm they are pretty fucking good
sat. mar. 8 - FURTHER SEEMS FOREVER!!! holy shit...it'll
fucking rock
well that's all i can really think of but they are all on
weekends so i will probably attend all of them...yumm
shows are good
no sad sappy shit here today... just happyness... today
was very peculiar though...a bunch of people got drastic
hair cuts... like no trims like inches of hair gone!
I got my hair cut, melissa got like a lot off, jenna
recently cut her hair, amy got her hair cut and colored
and brandon HOLY SHIT!! he shaved his beard...i've never
seen his chin in person until today...my personal
opinion...the beard but it's his face so ya know...
anyways these two other kids i dont know very well go
their heads almost shaved so today was a very "nice
haircut" kinda day.
today i realised why when women get sad they eat ice
cream...it's soooo good, it's sad food
i'm a pushover to the max.... it sucks but i dont like to
displease people on purpose.

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