I was hiding under there....
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2003-02-06 21:04:18 (UTC)

I've recently been informed....

...That the one person who actually reads this is upset I
haven't updated it! Well it's been busy.

I had to cook a whole bunch of junk for a project so i was
doing that, plus i had talent show auditions (and i DID
make it by the way), i've had a whole lot of homework, and
just a whole bunch of stuff going on.

Zack and I aren't going out anymore, haha, not very long
right? Things were getting really awkward, we talked more
when we were just friends than when we were just going out.

Gotta go, sorry it wasn't much maria! haha but i have to be
going for the way it's Feb. mroe day til
the dance!


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