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life of a porn star
2003-02-06 20:15:59 (UTC)

this week has been soo much..

this week has been soo much fun. on monday i went to
school and i ran into jessi and emily and their friend we had lunch hung out in the librabry...and
wayne was like do u want to go to a concert? and we were
like sure.. so we went to some bar in lackawana and i
thought we were in lockport the whole there were
these reallycute guys there. this one's name was darrik
and he had really cute hair like brian. but ended up being
only16!!! i thought he was like 22. so then we went to
stimulance and played some was fun.
friday brian sat next to me in class i was a happy kid.
then monday he only said hi and yesterday he sat next to
steph. i still love that kid.
then last night was just crazy...after two classes i
went to applebees with steph and we dyed my hair. then we
went to pete's house in lockport. they live in this big
house and they completely trash it. bobby is really cute
and tall but i guess he has a gf now. then there is mike
who has a gf and pete is sorta with steph. so here are
some of the things that went on... bobby jumped off the
roof, steph got hit in the face with a peice of ice and
got a black eye, the dog ate a pumpkin 5 plates
were broken, then steph was running down the street after
scott and fell and skinned her knees. then there was
pumpin pie smeared off on her an scott were
flirting all night but he claims he just wants to sleep
with me. ok more later..leave some love