you think you know but you have no idea
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2003-02-06 19:36:39 (UTC)

*first entry*

so ive been reading alot of books about girls that keep
diarys and my life is pretty freaking retarded so i figure
i mite as well keep one--s0o0 here i am @ alternative
school :)its a blast.. umm no! but i do think its better
then regular school just bcuz regular school has so much
drama it drives me CRAZY!! soo yeah.. here i sit and ive
allready finished all my work because im not stupid and
this stuff they teach us and make us do is set up for
stupid people~ annd thats really dumb because NONE of us
are stupid not even the most dumbest looking ones are so
stupid that we need 2 and a half hours to read 3 articles
in a newspaper and summarize them. BUT OKAY! ive been @ my
dads latley which is boringland because im grounded their
for my um retardedness! and sooo my moms in california been
there since saturday will be till saturday and im at my
dads. its not that bad i like to read and i have 3 books
down there and one a friend lent me today. so im pretty
taken care of and we rented my all time favorite movie
breakfast at tiffanys so its all good im pretty amused and
one of my favorite things to do is eat and no one has taken
that away from me. im not fat though, amazingly. i could
stand to loose a few pounds from my lower stomach but i can
deal with that. me and 2 friends are trying out diets so we
can get really pretty but its not working because we
allways break them. like today for instance im supposed to
b not eating much but at lunch i had a pizza and chocalate
milk and chips and ice cream. great diet huh? guess i
shoulda gotten a salad but whatever. u can only be young
once right? ugh i seriously have to go to the bathroom but
i was to into my book to go when i had the chance so now i
can just suck it up! this chick next to me has her
headfones on and is singing and dancin around its really
amusuing..! so anyways.. my teacher just came back here he
probably thinks im writing an e-mail but hes awesome so its
not like he did anything about it. all the teachers here
are awesome and nice and they are actually pretty good
teachers. i learn more here then i ever did at rhs but
thats probably because theres only like 7 people in my
class. :) wow the girl next to me is seriously cracking me
up. oh well its all good in about um 45 minites we have
gym. all we do in there is walk around the gym for like 40
minites or so and talk to eacother. its such a thrilling
event.. not. the gym teacher is really fat too and it
amazes me that he just stands there and watches us wander
around the gym. HE should b out doing that not us. i could
be doing leg lifts to help my little pudge but oh no we
have to walk and walk and walk. its dumb. but i guess i
cant complain at rhs my gym class was like areobics and
that was the truly gayest waste of 40 minites i have ever
come in contact with.

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