Restless Comet Diary
2003-02-06 18:45:08 (UTC)


Here I am finally....I thought I'll never make
it...Ioana insisted on walking on the way here.Actually I
knew she's gonna do that because she always does.Idon't
like walking with her because I always get here too late so
I always get home late
I have to find Mihai......That guy still didn't bring
me my notebook back and I really need it.He promised me!!!!
I'll find him and for his have I hope he brought it.
Yesterday..this girl Mihaela really humiliated me.She is
one of my classmates..everytime she needed help I did
everything to help her....everything....and yesterday I
needed help at my computers know what she
said"come on..get're starting to annoy
me...maybe like that you'll study more"...geez I thought I
will faint...But it's ok....If she's mean..FINE!!I'm never
going to be like that.....God will pay people's kindness as
well as their being mean.....
I heard real weird stuff about some of my classmates and
I got shocked....I'd better didn't know.....I'm not sure
someone else should know it ....geez...Vicky is
(ewwwwwwww......)..what can I say now?She's still a human
being but I don't think that's normal.Catalin wanted to
have sex yesterday but his girlfriend said no.Take already
had sex last summer.What's wrong with those guys?Do they
think that's the most important thing in life...I don't their business after all and I'm gonna mind my own
Tomorrow my mom is going to Bucharest to take her plane
tickets.I'd like to go with her.I'm gonna ask her if I
could go too.I'm not going to school because teacher said
we could stay home due to the contest on Saturday ant
study.I'll see if I can go anyway I don't base on studying
in the last day before the contest.....
The gymnastics class was real back hurts
kinda baad....see you