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2001-09-21 14:08:12 (UTC)


Well, last night was eventful. I was on my way to a dance
club, and some guy rear-ended my sister. She just got this
car too, it's a 2002 cavalier, and she got it 5 days ago.
The guy hit us pretty hard, but there was minimal damage,
which was good. However, the policewoman blamed my sister,
when she got rear-ended by the guy. Odd? YES

Then we finally got to the club, and we met the people we
were supposed to meet up there. There was a guy named
Dennis, who is a cutie, but isn't my type at all. That boy
can dance, though! I danced with him once, and then I
spent most of my time dancing with this other guy who is on
my philosophy class. He was okay. He wasn't drop dead
gorgeous, but he was funny and he's smart, and he is cute.
I think those are much more important than his looks,
anyway. But then he started kissing my neck, and I had to
get out of there. Too many hormones, and not enough
light:) hehe.


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